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Even if you are a sole trader (self-employed), getting the right business address is important if you want to grow and expand your business. While many entrepreneurs start their businesses from home because of limited cash, it is best to move to a proper office once your business starts earning profits.

Finding an office

Getting an office is important if you regularly host client and customer meetings. It makes you appear more professional and also creates a distraction-free environment to work. Furthermore, if you hire full-time or part-time employees or volunteers, it is more comfortable for you and your employees to work from a regular office than a makeshift room in your home.

You can hire the services of broker to get the right business premises. You also can get in touch with managers who handle serviced offices. You can use such offices as and when needed. In fact, many serviced offices let customers use their premises to host business meetings.

If money is tight and you cannot afford to get your own place, it is prudent to opt for shared office space. This will reduce your operating costs and makes sense when you do not need a large space. You can use Gumtree to find shared office space that allows you share the office with an existing business.

Contact details are equally important

As you network and grow your business, just placing your mobile number of your business card will not make you appear professional. If you don’t want to get a dedicated line to field calls, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) offers an affordable way to answer calls from existing and prospective customers. VOIP vendors provide you with a local number that you can use and also forward calls to your mobile phone.

You also need a professional working email ID to create the right impression. Using gmail and hotmail will not create that impression. Check out Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 that allow customers to use their business’ own domain name after a rather low monthly rate. For this fee, you also can get access to Google’s and Microsoft Office’s productivity apps.

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